First results

We used the datasets of 10 iPhones (300.000 entries) to create a few heatmaps.





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12 Responses to First results

  1. Kim says:

    on main page, the “link” to upload isn’t clickable… how do you upload?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Could you adopt your mission, saying that if the data is made available, we can make our own wifi and cell tower lookup databases, so we don’t need to let Apple, Microsoft, Google, and others know where we are to get proper location lookup functionality? That would persuade me more to contribute the data than visualization. It would also be helpful if you could specify the technical details of the anonymization process, as anonymization is rather hard, unless you intend to strip out most of the data that is stored. Thanks.

  3. crackpille says:

    Could write a small app for iPhone and Android to track this data and send it to you in regulary intervals.

  4. Sina says:

    What did you guys use to make these visualizations? Very cool.

  5. Paul says:

    Why doen’t you create a map of all big citys of Germany ? I live in Munich and I would be very happy to see a card of the WiFi stations.

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  8. M. says:

    schöne Idee und wunderbare Visualisierung der Daten.
    Ist es eventuell Möglich diese in Google Earth einzubinden? Alternativ die Bilder hochauflösend abzulegen – ähnlich den Berlin Bildern? War schön zu sehen was wie wo geht in seiner Strasse / Nebenstrasse. thx

    Google Translate:
    nice idea and wonderful visualization.
    Maybe it will be possible to integrate them into Google Earth? Alternatively, the high-resolution images to store – similar to the Berlin pictures? Was nice to see something like where to go in his street / side street. thx

  9. Hello,

    Great efforts guys. I would be happy to integrate your datas in the OpenCellId database, the OpenSource data for CellID (and I might probably add also the Wifi info).

    The OpenCellID databse is platform agnostic, and allows queries, so this could be a good improvment on this!

    So I would be happy to discuss with you directly,


    • admin says:

      Great! :) We already thought about integrating the crowdflow data into OpenCellID!

      Mail is on the way! :)