About the Java applet

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  2. Question: does this code extract location data for all devices that are backed up on the system or just the first one it finds? In my case, I back up multiple iPhones and iPads to this system…

    • admin says:

      it chooses the backup with the biggest celllocation-table.
      but you can change the backup folder manually. in the next version the app will export the data from all backups.

      • Pit says:

        It chooses the biggest indeed, in my case the one from the iPhone. But when I extract it, then I get a broken .gz file of only 10 byte.

        Manually choosing the iPad backup folder gives me a usable .gz for it.

        Now, I can simply copy the consolidated.db from the iPhone and send it to you to extract from it. I’d like to not let this data go to waste. What’s your advice?

        • admin says:

          we received some files of only 10 bytes. obviously a bug … maybe in the gzip-library?

          has anybody an idea?

          • Andreas Budde says:

            Same here, 10 bytes gzip – no data at all :-(
            (running mac os 10.6.7 on new MBP)

          • Pit says:

            For the record, the consolidate.db is about 25.3 MB. But gzip should normally have no problem with that.

    • admin says:

      ok. i fixed the gzip-bug. the app also exports all backups at once now.

      new version: 1.3

      • Anno Nym says:

        now my file is 60bytes

      • Pit says:

        I don’t think it’s fixed yet.
        It creates a .gz thats just as big as the iPad-only .gz before with version 1.2

        Difference is: The applet stops after that, says “Now you can upload the “crowdflow-data.gz”.” and the progress bar is at about 10-15%, not continuing. The position seems to be about right, as the iPad consolidated.db is ~3MB and the iPhone one is 25 MB.

        Should I send you my problematic .db file for testing?

      • Anno Nym says:

        the content of the file is:

        # version: 1.3
        # table: CdmaCellLocation

        (but on a GSM iPhone 3GS)

  3. softfree says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

  4. Rasmus Sten says:


    I patched the Java app a bit: I made it possible to also fetch the file ‘consolidated.db’ from the user’s desktop. This is useful in case the user has an encrypted iTunes backup, but has a jailbroken device and the possibility to copy the file (/var/root/Library/Caches/locationd/consolidated.db) directly from the device to the desktop.

    You can get my version here: https://github.com/pajp/crowdflow
    Or see the patch in question: https://github.com/pajp/crowdflow/commit/0563085e224e6bba05787171e856cdb67818a86e
    Compiled version: https://github.com/pajp/crowdflow/downloads

    I only tested it very lightly, but it seems to work.

  5. Use the Apache 2 license. GPL is restrictive on commercial derivative works and requires the license itself to be reproduced. Permissive software licenses allow greater freedom, which helps get your name out further.

  6. RolandF says:

    With the file from github
    java -jar crowdflow_1.3_src-all.jar
    4653 files
    org.tmatesoft.sqljet.core.SqlJetException: CORRUPT: error code is CORRUPT
    java.io.FileNotFoundException: /Users/roland/Desktop/Manifest.mbdb (No such file or directory)

    With the file from crowdflow.net:

    java -jar crowdflow_1.3.jar
    4653 files
    org.tmatesoft.sqljet.core.SqlJetException: CORRUPT: error code is CORRUPT

    What should I do ?
    How can I help ?

    • admin says:

      Good question! Does anybody have any idea?
      Is your backup encrypted? What iOS version do you use?

      • RolandF says:

        Backup is not encrypted.
        iOS version 4.3.1
        iPhoneTracking app work fine and download all points.
        I also was able to apply patch to import cells and wifi with full accuracy.
        Is there a way to provide you the data in an other format using a patch to iPhoneTracking ?
        That way you could get points from Belgium and I could apply iOS 4.3.3 update to my iPhone.
        I made a copy of the backup just in case.

  7. RolandF says:

    Is the project dead since the recent “fix” by Apple ?

  8. ljr says:

    Hi all,

    I would like to contribute my consolidated.db. Of course I already installed the iOS-Update, so I can no longer extract it from the default backup location.

    Instead I would like to extract consolidated.db’s from my TimeMachine backups. I also think that this would be an easy way to still get db’s even from people who already updated.

    I could imagine some kind of “Choose backup location”-button or something similar. It would be great if someone could add this to the applet.

    I actually found the right line in the source, change it to a static TM location, but then failed to compile due to lack of experience with java :(

    Thanks in advance


  9. Matt says:

    Where is the ‘consolidated.db’ file normally located? I could use the info for PC and Mac. on my PC I changed my iTunes Media folder to a networked drive.