First database dump of cell and wifi stations

250 iPhone Logs gave us locations of:

- 660.000 cell tower CellLocation.7z (8,6 MB) – rapidshare – .tsv

- 6 Mio. WiFi base stations WifiLocation.7z (89 MB) –  rapidshare – .tsv

License: OpenDatabase License (ODbL)

We need more datasets from outside the EU, please donate yours!

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14 Responses to First database dump of cell and wifi stations

  1. What software did you use to generate this purple on black heatmap?

    • admin says:

      It’s done by some algorithms by michael and some help from google maps; we will write a blogpost about it soon.

  2. j says:

    Great. This is something I can play with. But Rapidshare is a pain.

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  4. o says:

    torrent please

  5. softfree says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

  6. Ric says:

    Just posted a log file from Australia – definitely NOT EU! :)

  7. jszzn says:

    Die Visualisierungen sehen wirklich super aus!
    Wie wäre es mit einem (webbasierten) Tool das mit den Daten aus eurer Datenbank eine Positionsbestimmung vornimmt, etwa für Notebook-/Tablet-/Smartphonebesitzer die gerne wissen würden wo sie sind…

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