Second database dump

Based on 700 iPhone logs we generated two new database dumps.
License: Open Database License (ODbL) v1.0

Cell locations
Entries: 2.1 million
File size: 25,6 MB (167 MB uncompressed)
Download: Torrent File   Magnet Link

Wifi locations
Entries: 24 million
File size: 324 MB (1,75 GB uncompressed)
Download: Torrent File   Magnet Link

We created a chart for the number of network cells per country in the dataset to give you an overview:

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17 Responses to Second database dump

  1. Marcel says:

    The torrent files are corrupted.

  2. Hannes says:

    Both the .torrent files and the content itself are fine. Maybe Marcel’s ISP is corrupting .torrent files to “prevent piracy”? You could try offering them with a .txt extension for those people, some torrent sites do that.

  3. Niko says:

    Is there a way I can keep providing my log files after upgrading my phone to iOS 4.3.3?
    I think it’s a shame Apple completely removed the cache file. Some of us actually loved that feature. :(

    Also, will there be an updated visualization of wifi stations anytime soon now that you have more than 700 logs?

  4. Flo says:

    Anyone seen an RSS/Atom feed for this blog?

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  6. SubZero1993 says:

    Crowdflow is a great project, really awesome! Thank you for that

    I’m not sure, but is it possible to copy data from the dumps back on the iPhone and iPod Touch?
    The GEO-Logs could be sorted by country (regions/states) and could be offerd as a download.. (If it’s possible)

    How I came to this idea? In the summer I go to Spain and in this surroundings i have no Internet + receiving is really bad.. so… it would be possible to download content from certain areas

    What do you think about that?

    Ps: i hope my English is not too bad… (;

    • admin says:

      This is not a database of open or free wifi stations. It’s only a database of known wifi stations. Probably most of them are encrypted.

      • SubZero1993 says:

        Yes i know that it’s not a database of open Wifi Stations.. The two databases contain data about Cell locations and Wifi locations that the iPhone use to track the position faster…

        If you go to another place without Internet, you could insert some CellLocations into the consolidated.db and the iPhone would (maybe) have a better connection (4 bars instead of 1 or 2)

        That’s the idea ^^

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  8. Tim says:

    How many iPhone logs are currently imported?
    Is there any schedule of releasing new database dumps?

    • admin says:

      Currently we have 1100 iPhone logs. We will publish the next dump probably this week.

      • Luis says:

        Do you still plan to publish the next dump? can´t wait to play with the data! Is there a possibility to extract only locations for a certain city or country?