Last database dump

Based on 1100 iPhone log donations we generated the probably last database dump.
License: Open Database License (ODbL) v1.0

Torrent File
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Files 31.2 MB (169 MB uncompressed) 492 MB (1,77 GB uncompressed)

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10 Responses to Last database dump

  1. noaf says:

    Thanks for everything, see you at the next locationgate ;)

  2. Laurent says:

    Thanks for this huge amount of information ! Where I can find the details of the parameters of these files ? I mean if Latitude or Longitude are quite easy to understand, what MCC, MNC, LAC and CI are ? Thanks in advance !

  3. Nick says:


    I am studying the possibility to use the data for the openBmap project which logs the position and signal strength of cellular and wifi networks.

    Unfortunately I can’t download the torrent. Should the torrent still be working?


    • Michael Kreil says:

      Sorry, but I will be offline during the next days. So I can’t check it.

      Does anybody else have problems with the torrent?

  4. Sven says:

    Torrent funktioniert. Ich lasse es bei mir laufen, da es im Moment nur einen Seeder gibt. Dann hat der naechste es etwas zuegiger auf der Platte.. :)

  5. Rich says:

    Does the last dump of 1100 contain the previous dump of 700, or are we looking at 1800 total?